Bearing in mind that Malawi is an agri-based economy, commercialisation of the agricultural core produce has experienced minimum market exposure.


Unavailability of markets for farmers’ produce. Main potential buyers plod the market later than expected.

As a result, farmers resort to exploitative buyers who unjustifiably and deceitfully buy their produce.

There is also rampant and recurrent loss of tax revenue due to illegal exports by some illegal foreign buyers.

Invest, Grow and Shine with FIIG

Through monthly contributions of FAVOA members, funds are generated year in and out aiming at early formal purchase of farmers’ commodities thereby complementing to the government’s efforts through its agencies.
The consolidated commodities are cleaned and well stored ready for market to the following buyers but not limited to:
1. Local Industries for value addition
2. UN entities.
3. Government agencies
4. Exports

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Alleviating financial challenges among investors.

Employment opportunities to the people.

Timely selling of produce.