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FAVOA Innovations and Investments Group (FIIG) is a subsidiary of Farmers’ Voice Africa (FAVOA). A profit-based institution formed to bring an economic revolution among Malawians without any bias to age, tribe, religion, region, gender or social class.

FIIG operates within the broader framework of National Strategy for Promoting Financial Literacy and Business Creation (NSPFLBC) through partnerships, which is under FAVOA’s mandate in Community Engagement Plan (CEP). CEP ensures synergies between the capacity building efforts for Business Innovations and Enterprises (BIE) that involve strengthening entrepreneur networks, mentoring, and business incubator-type services, and the local entrepreneurship support services.

FIIG has come to nurture all stakeholders to development through determination, accessibility and cracking the hidden gifts.


To be the best investment and novelty leader that provides exceptional entrepreneurial services.


To strengthen and nurture business avenues in Malawi and beyond, with a special focus on entrepreneurial planning and profitable investment.

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